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(EN) is a metal capsule suitable for swallowing. The capsule consists of two electrodes, there are a special microprocessor (with devices which turn it on and guarantee the efficient performance) and a source of energy.


Genuine Electronic Normalizers are able to (clinically proved):

   1. Glycemia 1.4 times   10. IgE 1.9 - 4 times
   2. Glycosuria 4.9 times   11. IgA 1.2 times
   3. Testosterone 2.4 times   12. Estrogens 7 times
   4. Cholesterol 1.9 times   13. Triglycerides content 2 times
   5. Intensity of allergic inflammations   14. Tonus of sympathetic nervous system
   6. Antineoplastic activity of phagocytes   15. Juice acidity 1.6 times
   7. Contractile ability of gallbladder 1.2 times   16. Lipoproteins of low density content 1.6 times AT THE 
   8. Stability of affective-emotional sphere   17. Lipoproteins of high density content 2.5 times
   9. Prolong remission, to relieve intensity and frequency of asthma   18. Cure constipation in 93.9% cases
  19. Work capacity 1,5 times
increase       decrease

The mechanisms of EN effect

Being into electrical conductive mucous membranes EN influences on them and on adjacent organs with specific complex impulsive signals, which are being periodically repeated, causing the traction of peristaltic muscles. The peristaltic wave responding reaction of human organism moves EN into its distal sections.

While it is moving, EN step-by-step and gradually makes electric stimulation of the stomach, duodenum, duct system of the pancreas and extraliver ducts, small and large intestines and rectum, increasing their bio electrical, motor and secretory activity. It simultaneously affects nerve-endings and influences in integrated way on opioid, hypothalamo-hypophysaric systems via peripheral nervous system, making correction of hormonal, carbohydrate and lipid metabolism.

The device is compatible with transplanted cardiostimulators.

There are more detailed information given in a special monograph about the history of creation of EN, the mechanisms of their effect and their clinical investigations.

Safety certificate

      According to technical requirements the capsules should be tested for:

When producing each device and its components are being tested and controlled during all production operations, after packing also.

The use of EN makes it possible to achieve a high-performance prolonged effect on the number of parameters and cause integrated impact on homeostasis which can not be achieved by other known means of medicine.

The high efficacy of EN is proved by clinical investigations committed by leading medical and scientific centers of Russia and other countries, which gave appropriate reports and recommendations.

Electronic Normalizer has the certificates and permissions, which allows it to be administered in Russia and in the other 10 countries. Its construction and the ways of influence on human organism in the case of different pathologies are patented in Russia and in 16 other countries.

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How to distinguish original products from the fake ones

Original products have laser marking on the box with written title "Electronic normalizer", factory number, little star and the RPA "Ecomed" trade mark.