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1. EN product, type 01-Fe (its name is Electronic Normalizer). High-performance fast-acting microelectronic corrector of homeostasis complex parameters with durable action but without dependence effect and modulation decline.


2. EN product, type 02-Au (code Ischemia). High-performance fast-acting microelectronic corrector of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism with durable action but without dependence effect and modulation decline.

Comparison of correction efficiency of the most atherogenic fractions of lipid metabolism


cholesterol LDLP HDLP Triglycerides Side effects .

Simvastatin (Germany) - 22% - 30% 0% - 15% In abundance + dependence effect.

Ciprofibrate (Germany) - 20 - 25 <simultaneously!> + 9 - 33 Headache, dizziness, rash, gastrointestinal tract

disorder, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea,

disleptic disorder, myalgia, impotence,

loss of hair, somnolence, increase of

fatigability, intolerably with kidneys or liver

decease, etc. + dependence effect.

EN (Ischemia) - 52! ! - 60 < simultaneously!!!> +177 ! - 49 ! Non-chemical and non-allergenic remedy,

long-term improvement of:

-    immunity,


NOTE: general cholesterol level change

up + 0,6 mmole/l leads to coronary heart disease death rate increase at 17-33%

for all age groups

capacity to tolerate the source of stress,

-    psychophysical tone,

-    libido,

-    sex hormones content increase,

-    antitumor phagocytes and intestines tone activity,

-    any aetiology constipation removal in 93.9%.

No dependence effect.

The summaries from some clinical tests protocols:

1. EN is an effective facility in treatment of hyperlipidemia for patients with diabetes type I and II. It has been shown the positive trustful influence of EN on the flow of sugar diabetes of type II, especially by patients with surplus weight. In the row of cases it has been succeeded to eliminate sugar-diminishing therapy or to diminish daily dose of preparations.

2. EN improves lipid contents of blood with patients suffering from hereditary-stipulated primary huperlipidemia.

3. EN is indicated in treatment of hyperlipidemia of various genesis if administered by one capsule once a month during two months. Further administration should be made under monitoring of lipid level in blood. It has been found, that the EN renders the positive influence not only on the carbo-hydratal exchange by the patients with sugar diabetes, trustful diminishing glyckemy and glucosury. The subject of special interest is proved standardizing actions of EN on lipid exchange, probably, by stimulation of bowls and liver, taking directly part in it. The correction of lipid exchange with help of the electrical stimulator has been found by us not only by secondary dislipoprotheinemy by the patients with diabetes, but in the group of patients with primary one, hereditary-stipulated also. This testifies indubitable high-efficiency influence of EN on the regulating mechanisms of lipid exchanges. Taking in account the great importance of this fact in connection with wide-spreading and danger of atherosclerosis, the further detailed study of molecular base of this action is of great interest. However, even now the received data give us the possibility to recommend AES for further prophylactic and medical treatment of atherosclerosis. The application of EN in the complex therapy of diabetes mellitus of II types promotes the improvement of diabetes mellitus correction that is proved by the decrease of the level of glycosyl hemoglobin in blood.

4. Application of the EN is followed by statistically reliable increase of the level of immunoreactive insulin and S - peptide in blood serum.

5. Under influence of the EN patients suffering from non-achrestic diabetes mellitus show the considerable statistically reliable increase of the level of lipoproteins of high density and simultaneous (!) decrease of the level of general cholesterol, triglycerides and lipoproteins of low density. Lipid decreasing influence of the EN on the content of lipids in blood serum persists for not less than 30 days. The content of lipids in blood serum rose a little on the 60-th day after taking the active capsule but not reached the former level observed before taking the active capsule that proves its long-term positive corrective effect.

6. Application of the EN is followed by the reliable increase of the level of free thyroxin and hydrocortisone in blood serum to its normal level.

7. Special attention should be paid to the fact that after taking the EN the increase of testosterone in blood serum of the men suffering from diabetes mellitus of II type is observed but it doesn't exceed the limits of its normal content.

8. The women of climacteric age suffering from diabetes mellitus of II type after taking the EN showed considerable increase of the content of estrogens in blood serum not exceeding the indices of normal estrogens content of women of copulative age.

9. Thus the tests have shown that application of EN renders long-time favorable normalizing effect on the condition of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism as well as on secretory activity of different endocrine glands (sexual, adrenal, thyroid glands and pancreas).



3. EN product, type 04m-Au (code Allergy). High-performance fast-acting microelectronic corrector of immunity parameters for transplantology, decrease and elimination of immune insufficiency

Clinical results on bronchial asthma (BA) are:


- 100% patients with bronchial hyperreactivity decrease, defined in inhalation provocation test with acetylcholine:


 before treatment

Solution 1:1000 

 before treatment
Solution 1:100 

 after treatment
Solution 1:1000 

 after treatment
Solution 1:100 


21,4 1,8

Not defined

12,6 1,3

23,2 1,6


- changed reactivity of air-conducting ways normalization. Respiratory function change:


before treatment 

after treatment 

% of patients with positive results (% of increase)


86 8

94 7

75 (26 0,2)


84 9

90 6

53 (18 7)


102 5

109 1

47 (23 8)


77 19

78 5

60 (23 1)


72 0,1

72 2

60 (24 1 )


60 2

74 1

75 (33 11)


95 3

65 2

53 (49 10)


- reliable and dramatic decrease of IgE presents particular interest. Vast majority of patients (75%) had IgE decreased, 30% of them more then in 1,9-4 times (!)


before treatment 

after treatment 

% of patients with positive results (% of increase)


95 3

54 6

73 (189 + 13)


2,3 0,2

2,9 0,2

53 (22 + 4)

- peripheral blood eosinophiles dynamics under correctors influence:


before treatment 

after treatment 

% of patients with positive results

Reliability: error of sampling of mutually comparable values

Eosinophiles ,%

4 0,3

2 0,3


p < 0,01

While eosinophilia is not vividly pronounced in given group, it is typical for BA and usually is an indicator of bronchial obstruction reversibility.

Clinical results: EN (Allergy) can be recommended for integrated treatment of patients with atopic type of BA in remission phase. Without denied access EN-therapy can be recommended as pathogenetic means for remission period prolongation, for decreasing difficulties and rate of suffocation bouts. Applying the EN to patients with noticeably increased IgE level, low IgA level and acute eosinophilia is especially relevant.


4. EN product, type 04-Fe (code Warrior). High-performance fast-acting microelectronic corrector of capacity of work parameters in man-machine systems, with durable action but without modulation decline effect.

Its main abilities are:

־ sophisticated sensomotoric reactions 1.2 times;

־ error-free activity utmost time 1.9 times;

־ anaerobic threshold 1.3 times;

־ stamina 1.3 times;

־ sympathetic nervous system tone ↑;

־ stability of affective-emotional sphere ↑;

־ hormones' rate of change under influence of environment factors ↑↑;

־ capacity of work total indicator in "man-machine" systems 1.5 times;

־ all parameters of blood biochemistry improving

(up to normalization level);

־ immunoglobulin IgE 1.9-4 times;

־ immunoglobulin IgA 1.2 times;

־ estrogenes level 5 times;

־ testosterone level 2.4 times;

־ antitumor activity of phagocytes ↑;

־ triglycerides content 2 times;

־ cholesterol level 1.9 times;

־ lipoproteins of low density content 1.6 times;

־ lipoproteins of high density content 2.5 times.



1 piece is enough for half a year

2 pieces in a month is enough for a year

5. EN product, type 06-Al or Cu/Zn (code EMS). High-performance fast-acting microelectronic corrector of libido, reusable.

Turns on automatically when put in bodys humid environment. Applied per rectum and per vaginam. Stimulates and restores efficiency of muscles of vagina and uterus, of muscles of urinary and gall-bladder, of peristalsis, of smooth muscles of large intestine and of rectum. Normalizes lipid metabolism (general cholesterol, cholesterol of lipoproteins of low and high density, triglycerides), improves immunity (IgA↑,IgE↓↓), restores efficiency of urino-genital ducts system.

type06e.gifThe procedure duration is no more than 20 minutes, up to 100 minutes a day. This procedure:

- increases testosterone level in men and oestrogen level in women;

- betters womens sex appeal and mens potency;

- accomplishes effective detoxication of intestines;

- hugely increases psychophysical tone and stress resistance.

According to statistic data, 5 procedures (20 minutes long each) every day during a week with repetition in a month till the functions are restored is the optimal mode of application for small pelvis and urinary bladder muscles stimulation.

About power supply unit delivery one must address to manufacturer.





6. EN CBB product, type 03-Cu or type 05-Se (code Haemophilia) High-performance fast-acting autonomous microelectronic Corrector of Biochemical and microelemental Blood contents (CBB) with durable action for control of blood dependant deceases, including cystic fibrosis. Looks like cylindrical spheroid with red Cu (or gray - Se) and white Fe cup. Autonomous device (microrobot), consists from two metal half-cases which are current-carrying electrodes and antennaes vibrators simultaneously, having microprocessor and power supply unit inside. Processor controls conductivity between cases, generation and changing of current modes, contains built-in load, short circuit protector, etc. Its function is also to form ionic torrent of deficient microelement and to regulate it in space.

Medical tests were conducted in 16 hospitals of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Medical Science, and Defense Ministry of Russia. Capability of normalization and positive correction of following biochemical and microelement blood parameters and blood dependent figures is clinically proved (quotations from protocols texts):

- monocytes quantity,

- thrombocyte and erythrocyte sprouts of hematosis,

- decreasing of deranged shifts in blood from the side of all hematologic

factors tested,

- T-active lymphocytes, ratio To/Ta < 1, i.e. cellular membrane receptor

structures of T-lymphocytes are being mobilized. Immunopotentiative


- T-helpers, changing of separate metabolites and cellular markers in blood,

- antigenic body burden,

- physiological optimization of immunologic and hematologic indices,

- cholesterol of high density lipoproteins,

- free thyroxin in blood serum,

- free cortisolin blood serum,

- sex glands secretory activity,

- pancreas secretory activity,

- lipid blood content of patients with primary hyperlipidemia,

- Ig: E (!), G, A, M, content,

- whole protein,

- globulin,

- cortisol,

- thyroxin,

- triiodothyronine,

- erythrocytes,

- acid and alkaline phosphatase,

- dihydrotestosterone,

- tyrentimisin,

- antitumor phagocytes activity,

- malignant cells proliferation speed.

- leucocytes quantity,

- tissue respiration efficiency,

- average daily glycemia,

- glycated hemoglobin HbAic,

- immunoreactive insulin in blood serum,

- C-peptide,

- general cholesterol,

- triglycerides,

- lymphocytes quantity,

- cholesterol of low density lipoproteins,

- oestrogens in blood serum of women

and testosterones of men,

- insulin of immunoreactivity,

- adrenal gland secretory activity,

- thyroid gland secretory activity,

- lipoproteins of very low density,

- eosinophiles of peripheral blood,

- albumin,

- urea nitrogen,

- aldosterone,

- thyrotropic hormone,

- haemoglobin,

- bilirubin,

- estradiol,

- peritoneal macrophages,

- oxygen radicals,

- solid and acid tumors progressive activity,



7. Diagnostic EN product, type 07 (code Landysh) intends for painless inspection of all gastrointestinal tract and consists of disposable endo-capsule, transmitter-reader (for fixation on patients body), program complex (installed on leading hardware systems with USB-port), pocket computer for image monitoring on-line and automatic image processing for making diagnosis.

When passing down all gastrointestinal tract the endo-capsule is making photos. It also has built-in highlight, which illuminates inner part of gastrointestinal tract for better imaging. Bluetooth technology is applied to transmit photos. Collected data is passed through this channel to special transmitter-reader, which is fixed on humans body. Reader conveys images from gastrointestinal tract to flash-memory. In the end the sequence of images is transferred from flash-memory to computer through USB-port. Special software removes identical cadres (about 70%) and discovers potentially dangerous areas. Then preliminary analysis is ready, which is to be evaluated by an expert before the final diagnosis is established. All procedure lasts about 14 hours.

This approach reduces physicians time, relives patient from constant staying in hospital during checkup and gives an opportunity to diagnose the following disorders:

- hidden gastrointestinal bleeding;

- indistinct bleedings with probability of hidden malignization;

- evident bleedings with presumable source in small intestine;

- hereditary polyposis (for supervision purpose);

- angiectasia;

- suspicion of enteropathy when taking nonsteroid antiphlogistic medicine;

- suspicion of Crohn's disease (after stenosis exclusion);

- suspicion of small intestine tumor and its dynamics;

- ileum ulcer;

- distal segments of small intestine affection;

- small intestine impassability, due to adenocarcinoma of ileum;

- irritated intestine syndrome;

At present time the following indications are being examined:

                    celiac diseases (for treatment efficiency control);

                    small intestine maladies of infants and pregnant women.



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