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on application of Autonomous Electronic Stimulator
of gastro - intestine tract and mucous covers



      EN is intended for autonomous electric stimulation of organs of stomach-intestine tract (stomach, duodenum, small and large intestines), as well as liver, pancreas with the purpose of activation of their blood circulation, normalization of motor and secretion functions. En can be used for normalization of exchange and immunology processes, for stimulation of muscle tonus, receptor apparatus and conducting ways of the central and peripheral nerve systems.
      EN is patented in 16 countries of Europe, Asia and America (PCT/RU 96/00023), is registered by the respective Ministries of Health of 16 countries as well as by FDA USA (No. A920518).

Main technical features

      EN is made in the form of capsule with size 22 x 11 mm and weight not more 5.5 g. It consists of two metal half-spheres which serve as electrodes. Inside the capsule there is a microprocessor and power unit. Material of capsule is non-toxic and proof to the action of different media of organism. Power unit provide continuos operation of EN within not less 150 hours.
      Storage shelf life of EN in packing not less 1 year from the date of manufacturing.

Principle of treating action

      EN produces electrical pulses of specified form, duration and repetition frequency, which act through the mucus covers on the nerve-muscle apparatus and secretion structures of stomach-intestine tract and other organs of abdomen. Specific electrical pulses stimulate intra-organ nerve sensors and thus actively influence the peripheral and central nerve system as well as humoral mechanisms of activity regulation of internal organs. Due to this action the increase of energetic exchange and metabolism in all cells of organs is observed and the normalization of secretion, motility and nerve-reflex activity of organs and systems take place.
      EN is in a stand-by mode and automatically turn-on when get to any electrolyte media. Depending of the introducing method the stimulation of gastro-intestinal tract and genito-urinary organs take place : when EN is swallowed after 5-10 min the increase of motility of the stomach, then duodenum and small intestine, after 40-50 min - stimulation of the large intestine. Accordingly to moving along the gastro-intestine tract EN step-by-step directly acts on different parts of the tract, in the weakest part the longer presence of EN is observed, giving the maximal treating effect. The time of EN staying in the stomach-intestine tract depends of its primary functional condition and varies from 18 hours to 3-5 days. When EN is introduced into the anus the action is done directly on rectum intestine and other near organs (vagina, urethra, prostate gland etc.), as well as on the vertebral column. EN introduced into vagina promote normalization of secretion processes and moving activity of organs of genito-urinary system.
      Application of EN during post-operation period promotes the restoration of peristaltic of intestine, lessening of intoxication, increasing of regional blood circulation and metabolism-trophic processes, promote restoration of the normal life activity of organism and healing of post-operation wounds.

Applications ways

      1-st way: EN is applied by swallowing as a usual tablet for stimulation of all parts of gastro-intestine tract, liver and pancreatic gland.
      2-nd way: EN is introduced in the rectum as a suppository for stimulation of the straight intestine and organs of genito-urinary system.
      3-d way: EN is introduced into vagina for stimulation of vagina and neck of uterus.

At any method of application the autonomous electric stimulator EN turns-on within 10-15 min after getting into electrolyte medium and its operation continues under the first way of application until the natural extraction from the organism (usually after 18-72 hours).
      At the second and third methods of application EN is extracted by the patient.
      The second application of EN with medical purpose is recommended after 2 weeks after the first application. Further the treatment course repeat 6 months later. For the prophylaxis purpose autonomous stimulator EN can be applied 2-3 times per year after equal periods of time.

Prescription for application

      Diseases of stomach and duodenum

      Diseases of liver and biliary ducts

      Diseases of pancreatic gland

      Diseases of intestine

      Disease of genito-urinary system

      Prophylaxis application

      EN is reasonable to use for prophylaxis of the above listed diseases as well as for increasing of organism's resistance to different infections, normalization of exchange processes and weight correction, prophylaxis of osteochondrosis.


Deputy director, State Scientific Center for coloproctology,
Honored man of science of Russia
G.A. Pokrovsky

Recommendation is prepared by:

candidate of medical sciences
A.P. Tupikova
candidate of medical sciences L.F. Podmarenkova

How to distinguish original products from the fake ones

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