RPA 'Ecomed'

Swallowed Microprocessor Capsule
Autonomous Electrostimulator of Gastrointestinal Tract
and Mucous Membranes

"Electronic Normalizer"

The name "Electronic Normalizer" is given by the Committee for New Technology,
Russian Federation Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry
(Protocol No. 6 dated July 11, 1995).

Article AES GIT & MM "Electronic Normalizer" (hereinafter, EN) (Patent "Electronic stimulator" No 1632 dated 28.12.93, Patent "Electronic normalizer" No 2071368 dated 30.01.96, International Patent "Electronic normalizer" PCT/RU/00023 dated 31.01.96), is a complex electronic device assigned for correction of disorders in the organism from the cells to the system level. At the same time, the normalizing effect is unprecedented in duration and cannot be achieved by other means of medicine. The positive effect is provided by a complex of the following factors:

The great amount of investigations, works, and tests enabled the ECOMED Research and Production Association to use articles "Complex-1" (1969) and AES GIT (1984) as the basis for designing a rather perfect article AES GIT & MM "Electronic Normalizer" (1991), which is able to use all the factors aforementioned for complex influence on the organism. This article is permanently improved.

In accordance with the estimates of foreign and home specialists of health protection, EN is an instrument of the new class of apparatuses, which enable without any medicaments, traumas, allergies and beyond clinical conditions with independently available periodicity to perform effective correction and activation of the whole series of disordered systems of the organism.

The undoubtedly positive effect of EN on the organism includes desintoxication of the organism, its decontamination from slags and diffuse depositions, regeneration of working capacity of the whole gastrointestinal tract (GIT) and effectivestimulating effect on the adjacent organs through the mucosa.

The weak energy effect, unlike other methods of electrostimulation, provides a prolonged positive effect because it does not produce any suppressing influence on the biological systems but only activates and synchronizes their functioning. The weak secondary electromagnetic field, which is induced in electroconducting media of the organism, and the electrical signal affect the nervous system and change the concentration of neurohormones thus resulting in the prolonged change in the status of organs and systems of the organism and increase in their adaptation readiness.


The EN articles of all the types are hermetically sealed capsules consisting of two hemispheres, which serve simultaneously as electrodes and antenna vibrators suitable for swallowing (size is under 11 mm in diameter and 22 mm in length, weight is under 15.5 g). The capsule contains inside a microprocessor with devices for starting and provision of continuous operation in the case of shorting and the effect of static charge and a power source.

EN in packing is switched off and is automatically switched on when introduced in the electrolytic medium of the organism.

The capsule is shock-proof. It can be stored at an ambient temperature. The period of validity is up to one year (specified on the label).

The time of continuous work is over 50 hours.

Methods of administration:

  1. Swallowing (per os);
  2. Introduction to rectum (per rectum);
  3. Intravaginal;
  4. Introduction to intestine opening of preternatural anus;
  5. Introduction to intestine section in operations;
  6. Short introduction to mouth or nose or application to painful zones.

Indications to application :


      Sports, dispatching services, working activity under increased physical or mental loading and under extreme conditions.

      Application of EN is also recommended for persons with the lack of motion (sedentary work).

The statuses aforementioned are indicated by the following effects:

  1. Normalization the intestinal function (1 and 2 administration modes):
    • regeneration of the motor function with effective detoxication;
    • prolonged elimination of chronic constipations;
    • elimination of intestinal paresis (paralysis) of any genesis (including postnatal and postoperative);
    • prevention of hemorrhoids development and release of status;
    • normalization acidity in gastritis and ulcers.

  2. Regeneration of billation dynamics (1 administration mode):
    • elimination of duodenostasis and diskinesia of billary ducts including those in chronic opisthorchiasis and after treatment of preparations like "Prasiquantel".

  3. Regeneration of dynamics of duct system of pancreas (1 administration mode):
    • decreased dose of sugar-reducing preparations in in diabetes of I and II types;
    • treatment of chronic pancreatitis.

  4. Normalization of lipid metabolism, elimination of dislipoprotenimia of various genesis including hereditary (1 administration mode) (Patent "Method of change of lipid metabolism" No 2071379 dated 29.01.96):
    • significant and prolonged reduction of cholesterol in blood;
    • improvement of status in atherosclerosis of coronary arteries (ishemic cardiac disease) and other zones due to breaking cholesterol plates.

  5. Reduction of bronchial hyperreactivity in bronchial asthma, improvement of external breathing parameters (1 administration mode).

  6. Correction of immunity including that in allergic diseases (1 administration mode) (Patent "Method of Correction of Immunity Parameters" No 9611948 dated 26.06.96):

  7. Improvement of status in chronic lumbosacral radiculitis and osteochondrosis (1 administration mode) (Patent "Method of Influencing Psychiatric and Psychoneurological Peculiarities of the Body" No 96111949 dated 26.06.96):
    • regeneration of myelin shells of nerves, elimination of painful syndrome.

  8. In oncological diseases (Patent "Method of Increase of the Body Resistence to tumors" No 2071367 dated 31.01.96):
    1 administration mode:
    • reduction in colonization of tumor cells;
    • increase in antitumor activity of phagocytes;
    • increase in resistance of the organism to cells;
    • tenfold reduction in dosage of cytostatics, whose efficiency increases more than twofold.
    2 administration mode:
    • evacuation of intestines for the patients with preternatural anus.

  9. In urological and gynecological diseases:
    1 and 2 administration modes:
    • treatment of prostatitis, improvement of status in sexual disorders and strengthening of erection in males.
    3 administration mode:
    • treatment of inflammatory gynecological diseases, elimination of frigidity in females, regeneration of menstrual cycle.

  10. Antiinflammatory and anesthetic effects (4 administration mode):
    • in stomatology (periodontitis, pulpitis and other diseases);
    • in diseases of ear, nose, and throat (antritis, frontitis, pharyngitis, and rhinitis);
    • in inflammations of nervous columns (for example, trifacial nerve).

  11. Positive correction of psychological status (1 administration mode) (Patent "Mehtod of Working Capacity Restoration" No 96111947 dated 26.06.96):
    • increase in stability to stresses, increase in working capacity;
    • improvement of depressive and poststress statuses, reduction in the time of poststress rehabilitation.

  12. Improvement of contusion or coma statuses (1 and 2 administration modes).


Mechanical intestinal obstruction, cicatrical stenoses.

Each indication to application is certified by the protocols of clinical tests performed in accordance with the programs approved by the ECOMED Research and Production Association using the improved AES GIT & MM - "EN" capsules produced by the ECOMED Research and Production Association by the leading clinics, medical institutes, and centers of the Russian Federation Ministry of Health Protection and Medical Industry, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and Ministry of Defense.

Please, do not confuse with articles AES GIT (11 MO.089.331 Technical Instruction) permissible for application only in clinical surgery.


FIRST MODE (BASIC): Swallowing as a common medicament for electrostimulation of all the sections of gastrointestinal tract. EN is swallowed as a common tablet, it may be taken with water. EN causes the swallowing reflex and is swallowed easily. In some case, an acid taste in the mouth is noted that results from the electrical action of the electrostimulator upon switching on. It is recommended to perform the first swallowing in the morning of a day-off, because the patient has to get used to new feeling.

In 20 to 40 minutes after swallowing, some patients may show short spontaneous contractions of muscles of abdomen and legs that repeat periodically for 3 to 6 hours and do not produce any effect on working capacity. However, it is desirable to avoid driving a car in the first day after swallowing. In the first swallowing, some patients may feel no stimulator in the organism that depends upon the individual sensitivity and the degree of intestinal contamination.

Appearing in mucosa, EN affects it together with the adjacent organs with the specific complex impulse pseudopulse signals repeated periodically that causes contraction of peristaltic muscles and, in the case of atonia and intestinal paresis,increases the electrical activity of peristaltics including the sections with paresis. Meanwhile, in the sections with enhanced paresis, EN retards its movement and produces the maximum positive effect. The response of the organism in the form of peristaltic wave moves EN to distal sections. As EN moves it stimulates not only all parts of gastrointestinal tract but also adjacent organs by staged and consistent.

Even a single administration of EN results in the increase in secretory activity of female and male genitals, clears billary ducts and the duct system of prostate (for males). Generally, many male patients show strengthening of erection when EN passes the large intestine and rectum and increase in sexual activity within three days after EN leaves the organism. In particular, these effects are observed for patients with excess weight and obesity.

The average time of AES GIT & MM staying in a human organism equals 24 to 36 hours (minimum 5 hours and maximum 11 days).

EN is excreted from the organism by the natural way together with feces. While wastes and slags are excreted from the organism, some patients observe release of gases with unpleasant smell and changed colour of feces.

After leaving the organism, one of electrode hemispheres of EN may show darkened and stained surface. This is the result of electrochemical interaction of EN with acid or basic media of the organism.

ATTENTION! In the swallowing mode, each capsule is used ONLY ONCE, because its resource and external cover are exhausted almost completely when passing the intestines.

It is recommended to perform EN administration according to the following procedures:
  1. For primary administration, it is recommended to intake one capsule one to three times with the interval of 5 to 30 days in dependence of the resulting effect and feeling. The effect of a single administration continues to grow for one to two months. Administration of the second capsule within a month enables to fix the result up to one year.
  2. For wide GIT sections with paresis and in the case of neglected diseases, a single EN administration may be insufficient for complete treatment; therefore, it is recommended to administer one capsule up to five times a year with the interval of two to three months.
  3. It is recommended to perform further administration for the purposes of disease prevention and normalization of the organism systems regularly by one capsule with the interval of six to twelve months.
Even a single EN administration effectively and for a long period regenerates working capacity of GIT, eliminates chronic constipations, performs sharp detoxication of intestines without any side negative effects (as in the case of using medicaments for detoxication). The maximum effect is achieved in combination with the Waker enema.

In the case of EN administration for operative reanimation, it is introduced per os into gullet, if necessary, it is moved with finger (further movement is spontaneous), or, if impossible, it is introduced in rectum. A significant improvement of status and release of the state of confusion or coma is observed in 15 to 20 minutes or in 30 to 40 minutes in the first and second cases, respectively.

SECOND MODE: Isolated rectal electrostimulation (administration like rectal suppositories) in the case of wide intestinal paresis, stasis of large intestine and for the patients with preternatural anus. It is effective for activation of sexual function of male patients with chronic prostatitis.

In wide intestinal paresis
, if the first mode was insufficient to eliminate constipations, it is recommended to swallow the capsule with simultaneous isolated stimulation of the large intestine and rectum. In this case, one capsule is swallowed and, in five to six days, the second capsule is introduced in rectum. The patient must lay on side, draw his knees to chest and introduce EN, which is preliminarily lubricated with any vegetable oil, into anus to the depth of the forefinger. After administration, it is recommended to lie for 30 to 40 minutes. After the procedure, the capsule is removed by muscular force, washed with soap and water or with alcohol and packed. The course included 5 to 15 rectal procedures every other day.

The general period of continuous operation of the normalizer equals at least 50 hours, therefore, a single capsule is sufficient for one or two course of electrostimulation per rectum. However, it should be taken into consideration that EN after leaving the organism is active until dry (for about 30 minutes).

In order to achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to use this mode four or five times a year with the interval of two to three months.

For the patients with preternatural anus, it is recommended for evacuation of intestines to introduce the electrostimulator into the preternatural anus every two or three days. Strengthening of motor system of intestines is observed in 20 to 40 minutes after introduction. The course of 10 to 20 procedures is repeated in two or three months.

For activation of sexual function of male patients, it is recommended to use the therapeutical course of 10 to 20 procedures of 30 to 60 minutes every day with the interval of two or three months. In the case of preliminary washing the intestines with a small amount of water (150 to 300 g), the effect increases, but EN may be retained in the intestines for a day. In this case, electrostimulation of reflexogenic zones (release of blockade and regeneration of sensitivity of the semen tubercle of prostate causes excitation of the receptor center on prostate, improves blood circulation, produces the antiinflammatory effect, promotes the expressed stimulation of spinal centers of erection and ejaculation, and regenerates the sexual function.

Complex effectiveness is increased because of simultaneous restoration of volume of prostate channels and its activation by electric signal.

THIRD MODE: Isolated electrostimulation of vagina and cervix of the uterus using the electrostimulator for the purpose of stimulation of sexual activity of females. EN is introduced in vagina to the depth of the forefinger for 15 to 20 minutes. The procedures are performed again in one or two days, the course of 10 to 20 procedures is repeated in two or three months according to individual feeling.

The intravaginal EN administration to the cervix of uterus without any medicaments and traumas under ambulatory conditions or at home enables to perform abortion at early age (one to two weeks). The mechanism of the EN double effect on the uterus is as follows:

  1. Stimulation of contractions of uterine musculature with electrical pulses of certain frequency and amplitude;
  2. Use of electrical pulses to affect the nervous center of cervix-hypothalamus-hypophysis reflex.
Thus, the neurohumoral influence produced on the uterus enables to expect the positive effect in appropriately selected administration procedure: duration of the procedure from 20 or 40 minutes to several hours is determined by appearance of the feeling of weight in the bottom of abdomen. The procedure is repeated in 1.5 to 2 hours. On the next day, it is repeated if necessary. The menstrual cycle may be restored on the next day after the procedure or earlier.

No side effects were observed for any durations of intravaginal administration of EN.

FOURTH MODE: In some cases, it is indicated to administer EN by other methods, where the capsule is administered   repeatedly:

  1. in mouth (under tongue) for 15 to 30 minutes two or three times a day (migraines, stomatological diseases, diseases of ear, nose, and throat, etc.);
  2. in nasal cavity for 5 to 10 minutes three to five times daily (rhinitis of various genesis);
  3. application to various painful zones, which are preliminarily moistened, for 10 to 20 minutes (inflammations of trifacial nerve and other painful feelings).

The ECOMED Research and Production Association performs manufacture and development of instruments AES GIT & MM "Electronic Normalizer" for different purposes, including:

Please, be careful: in the market, you can find counterfeits distributed with labels containing indications for use that are related only to the EN articles manufactured by the ECOMED Research and Production Association and accompanying documents on the tests performed with the EN articles.

Only articles AES GIT & MM - EN manufactured by the ECOMED Research and Production Association (in accordance with Technical Instruction 9444-014-11555014-95 and the MASI design documentation 943115.002) passed the following technical and medical tests (corresponding to the WHO requirements): toxicology for all the internal media, toxicology of the EN articles with galvanic coating, gastroenterology in ulcers and colitis, endocrinology, sexual pathology, psychiatry, neurology, immunology, oncology, extreme effects, and military indications.

Only articles manufactured by the ECOMED Research and Production Association were supplied to the 4th Chief Department of Ministry of Health and are supplied to the institutions of the Government and the State Duma.

How to distinguish original products from the fake ones

Original products have laser marking on the box with written title "Electronic normalizer", factory number, little star and the RPA "Ecomed" trade mark.