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No. 6/70

May 26, 1997

To directors of therapeutical and medical preventive institutions and organizations for realization of medical equipment.

      Open Joint-Stock Company EKRAN Research and Production Association is recommending you for realization and application in medical network a unique agent for medical purposes: "Electronic Normalizer" - "Autonomous Electrostimulator of Gastrointestinal Tract and Mucosa" (AES GIT & M or EN) designed and produced by the ECOMED research and Production Association (Moscow) in accordance with Technical Specifications 9444-014-11555014-95.

Description of the Electronic Normalizer:

      A spherical metal capsule with the maximum dimensions of 11 x 22 mm. It contains a signal generator and a power source inside. It is switched off when stored and switched on automatically when swallowed. It can be easily swallowed even by children older 4 years, because it stimulates the reflex of swallowing.

      The effect is achieved by the influence of special electric signals, which increases bioelectric, motor, and secretory activities of all the sections of gastrointestinal tract as well as through peripheral nervous system of organs and systems, making possible to recover normal correlation links and correct metabolism of carbohydrates, lipides, and hormones.

      Even a single application of the Electronic Normalizer produces a highly effective positive result prolonged for up to one year.

      The Electronic Normalizer is not toxic and does not result in any secondary negative consequences; it is a chemical-free and non-allergic agent for therapy, permitted for sale without prescription (instruction for medical applications is approved on November 21, 1991 by the Head Department for Medical Equipment of the USSR Ministry of Public Hcaltli with supplement dated July 11, 1995).

      The electronic normalizer is administered by the following means: per os, per rectum, intravaginal, into opening of preternatural anus, and operative intestinal sections.

Indications for use:

Additional indications:

(under medical institutions' report):


      physical intestinal obstruction, stenosis, internal hemorrhage.

      Performances of "EN"are modified in a range of specialists in different fields of medicine and in this connection "Ecomed" is carrying out clinical researching of wide range in order to extend fields of application and to produce effective items of specific actions.

      "EN" by "Ecomed" is successfuly tested by FDA (USA), registered in many states and protected with Russian and international patents on design, construction, ways and methods of treating effect.


      Nowdays, other manufacturer offer endo-stimulators, electronic and "Kremlin tablets" with statement, on in supporting documentations and even labels, of same performances, directions and contraindictions are not certified by the clinic researcher Results of tests and researchings prove that "Electronical Nornializer" produced by "Ecomed" only meets with harmless standards and therapeutic elfectiveness. Such items have laser marking on its body with statement of the following "Electronny Normalizator", plant No., star and trade mark - "Ecomed" NPO. Revers side of each packing contain the number - TU 9444-014-11555014-95 and bar code - 46055323 or 46055316.

General Director      
Seal of the Company by which the document is issued.
      B. I. Leonov