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Some ancient Egyptian statues hold certain cylindrical items in their hands which purpose is unknown for historians. Egyptologists have different versions about that: stretchers’ handles, folded scented kerchiefs, tubes for papyruses, stamps, etc. But to look at the group of sculptures, where pharaoh Menkauhor flanked by goddesses Hathor and Noma is portrayed, is enough to doubt all of these versions (see fig.1).


Fig.1. Pharaoh Menkauhor holds the Rod in his left hand, the goddess Hathor (to the left) holds the Rod in her right hand, the goddess Noma (to the right) holds the Rods in her both hands.

Manuscript “The Mysteries of Life and Death” gives description of solid copper, zinc and silver rods, the exact technology of their manufacturing, relates the method of their application, and defines their purpose quite clearly—the energetic potential strengthening and informational contact with higher forms of intelligence. That version surely looks more logical and credible than others, especially if the following facts are taken into consideration. Comparing with short life expectance of ancient Egyptians, the longevity of some pharaohs and priests strikes imagination: Pepy II sat on throne for 94 years, Ramesses II (the Great)—for 67 years, Thutmose III—for 54 years, Psammetichus I—for 51 years. Longevity of the Egypt state itself was lost in remote ages and was awed of by ancient historian Herodotus.
Modern historic science can tell us a lot about Ancient Egypt. But there is a whole layer of some secret knowledge, methods and means is left hidden, which provided pharaohs and priests with vigorous longevity, powers and wisdom to rule the country, develop agriculture, crafts, science and arts—these masterpieces still delights us with bright spirituality—during many centuries. It’s necessary to note, that Egyptian physicians were held in great regard in contemporary world, and the rulers of adjacent to Egypt countries preferred to be treated by them in particular.
Cylindrical pharaoh Horus’ Rods are not a modern invention. They were recreated many times according to ancient technology, which was kept in secret for a long time, each time using new achievements of our technological civilization. There are some descriptions of Horus’ Rods’ utilization in the beginning of XIX century as auxiliary mean for self-regulation and self-perfection practice of little known Caucasian and Turkic esoteric system of knowledge.
Here is the quotation about Horus’ Rods from the chapter “Renewal of nervous energy”: “The used in Ancient Egypt method for corporal energy streams strengthening was shown on figures, represented the second master-arcan. Standing figures gripe two rods, they gripe them with great force similar to electric one, when hands holds the grip themselves, release this energy inside the body to collect it in unipolar joints and spinal juices. Energetic potential restoration is one hundred percent whole and is being saved during day and night for twenty-four hours.
There were two rods, they were of different composition. It was believed, that rod in right hand had the power of the Sun, the other one—of the Moon. At the same time the “moon” rod is a catalyst giving greater activity to the “sun” rod.”
Such rods, sometimes with quartz crystals, sea-sand or other filling, were known even in the most remote times. There is a lot of data about Horus’ Rods, some of it is published in the Internet (more than 106 files).

Having studied attentively all information that only exists on that subject, and conducting the necessary measurements, calculations, designing, manufacturing and testing we propose to you to come in touch with the most modern product of this line – INTELLECTUAL HORUS’ RODS.

Copper and zinc were used not only by Michelangelo, Faraday, Lavoisier, Pythagor and Lomonosov. All, who were connected with to physics, including priests of Ancient Egypt, used them – there were no other sources of electrical current in those times. You are using them now, too, every time when we buy batteries for a torch.
DC from such copper and zinc rods as weak and unstable as it was nevertheless flowed from hand to hand, overcoming body tissues resistance, being modulated during that way by weak signals of your own organism coming through neurons.
We were fascinated with an idea, turned out to be quite sound, to combine ancient and modern, to influence the hypothalamic-pituitary complex that rule body’s hormone regulation (the matter we are professionally dealing with for 17 years) through palm—hand—shoulder—chest—shoulder—hand—palm route. But up to date, we were able to improve any body parameter, including all parameters of blood, lipide metabolism, immunity, all hormones, nervous system condition, psychiatric characteristics, and the other ones by influencing mucous membrane only. And why shouldn’t we try to gain such an effective results influencing acupuncture points, which also situated on palm in great quantity? We tried one time, we tried another, and . . .
And we succeeded in creating something manifold times more effective, than those ancient pharaoh’s rods (PR) and their modern analogues—we created IHOR, which:
  • are made from alloy emitting ions (charged atoms) of deficient microelements into the body, making up their shortage (Cu, Zn, Se) and increasing body’s ability to withstand unfavorable and pathogenic environmental factors;
  • can influence upon man’s skin surface like Kouznetsov’s applicator (many-needle-shaped applicator) in it’s most effective way—with needles electrically combined;
  • can influence exactly through acupuncture points of human’s palm, because there is the best electrical current conductivity there;
  • can normalize hormones, improve immunity, save from ischemic deceases, normalize lipide metabolism, increase tone and stamina.
Processor is situated in non-separable handle. It’s effect is the same as from a processor in plasma TV-set: the latter increases screen’s sensitivity to low signals, the former—central nervous system’s sensitivity, so it’s reaction to external negative and positive factors is more precise and quick.
We are doing the same thing through palms now, that we used to do through mucous membrane with “Electronic Normalizer” capsules (clinical tests’ results see on site www.npoecomed.com).
There is a difference between IHOR and those passive pharaoh’s rods that have been used before us: weak galvanic current of PR doesn’t create energy enough to let ions tear off and can’t initiate the deficient microelements’ ions flow. The IHOR’s chip can do it taking into consideration low human skin electrical conductivity.
It is necessary to mention that there is no difference which hand holds which rod during IHOR-therapy. There is no need to stay in sunlight, it is quite comfortable to apply them in the evening or at night, when you have time to have a rest in front of a TV-set.
And now, several pieces of information from long and recent past.


The tests show that Pharaoh’s rods’ influence shift energetic state of the body to another, more “higher” level, when restoration processes, assisting in whole body harmonization, are going on more actively. Scientists believe that such an effect is achieved by combination of galvanotherapy, metalotherapy, magnetotherapy and

mineralotherapy. First, some explorers think that cylindrical form itself generates special kind of fields, called torsion..

Second, the existence of potential drop between copper, zinc and hands’ skin creates weak electrical current in the body. Third, copper itself has a curing ability, and has been used in medicine from the time of yore. Fourth, physical fields
created by the Rod’s filling
cure human’s body through bioactive points of palms.

Some physicists’ views
During experimental processes in the Precise Mechanics and Optic Institute conducted by Dr. of technical science, scientific director of Energy and Informational Technologies Center, prof. G. N. Dulnev, his equipment registered increasing heat flow emanating from hands of patients with Pharaoh’s Rods in their hands. G. N. Dulnev gave an idea that this effect is connected with torsion (spinor) fields agitation due to interaction between human’s body and the Rods. According to the existing hypothesis, natural spinor (torsion) fields, which all material objects of live and non-live nature possess, do not usually manifest themselves because of their small magnitude, but can be increased by articles of pyramidal, conical and cylindrical forms. As interaction between Sun & Moon Rods & their loading and human’s body create spinor fields of high tension, the Pharaoh’s Rods can be put in category of so-called spinor generators.
After exploring different spinor generators models the scientists from the Material Authority Problems Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science came to the following conclusions: some extrasensory human’s abilities can be explained within spinor fields theory range, but “things, demonstrated by ‘extrasensory individuals’ and much more that they unable to do, can be implemented by spinor fields generators”; with such generators it is possible “to actively influence living objects on molecular and cellular level, and regulatory system parts and body in whole for animals and human being”.

Long-range Spinor Fields. Physical Models.The Material Authority Problems Institute of Ukrainian Academy of Science. Kiev, 1989.

Some physicians’ views

According to these views the Pharaoh’s Rods are the unique physiotherapy apparatus of wide application, created by genius of ancient Egyptian scientists. M. A. Nikulin—Dr. of Medical Science, senior staff scientist of—gave the following interpretation in the course of medical tests on Pharaoh’s Rods’ influence on human’s body: “With pathology existence in human’s body one can see temperature asymmetry between sick and healthy regions. The Pharaoh’s Rods, when taken in hands, remove pathologic termoasymmetry, what confirms their curing ability.”

. . . the patients holding PRs in their hands are registered to have pulse wave moving from left to right on the very first minute.
A feeling of blood vessels filling, called as “vascular stage” by explorers, is registered on the second minute. Upper limbs’ infrared radiation is increased on the third minute, on the fifth—limbs’ thermal fields are aligned. Along with these changes total rise of activity in patients’ bodies and pulse fastening (8-10 beats per minute) is marked. Stellate ganglion of spinal column warming along with of infrared radiation increasing is also registered from the second minute. So, whole vegetative nervous system is involved in the process. Power activation of upper limbs’ issues as well as of whole body takes place. As a result headache diminishes, blood pressure speeds to standard level. Research of Pharaoh’s Rods application effectiveness had been conducted in April of 1993 and December of 1995 by means of modern equipment according to original method by a group of physicians, members of Acute Care Research Institute of I. I. Janelidze name, under M.A. Nikulin’s direction. Acquired results showed that Pharaoh’s Rods can be recommended to people, who are suffering from:
- cardiovascular disease;
- high blood-pressure;
- neurotrophic disorders;
- effluent channel disease;
- insomnia,
as a mean for stress removal and atherosclerosis prophylaxis.

- pancreatic diabetes (especially of 2nd type);
- immunodeficiency-related diseases: allergy, bronchial asthma, tuberculosis and so on;
- libido (tone) reduction;
- urinary bladder muscles weakening.


1. Do not use Pharaoh’s Rods under alcoholic and drug intoxication;

2. Schizophrenia;
3. Epilepsy;
4. Not recommended during pregnancy period.


1) Pharaoh’s Rods influence on the body increase total energy level; energy is harmonically redistributed between body’s parts and systems; pathological disbalance is removed; defensive functions are activated; an environment is created, when body can cope with its problems much easier.
2) Employees of high pressure manual and mental labor (physicians, teachers, law-enforcement members, consumers services members, businessmen, students, sportsmen and many others), who are exhausted to the end of workday, need subsidiary remedies for stress removal, full-value rest and restoration.
3) It’s hard to measure the benefit brought by Pharaoh’s Rods to those who devotes oneself to self-development, body’s purification, nestiatria, submersion in cold water, healing, quigong, yoga, eastern combats’ inner styles.

4) The Rods defend from various electronic equipment influence—computers, TV sets, microwave oven, and so on—practically for 100%. Pharaoh’s Rods are able to cleanse area, where you are located.

Under regular self-regulation and self-development exercises with Pharaoh’s Rods’ application energy and blood flow is improved, process of thinking becomes more clear, psyche—more steady. Furthermore, more dense energy biofield is created around the body which prevents negative energy information penetration; defensive functions of organism are heightened; body is strengthened; diseases are being cured.


Main rules:

à) During application the Sun Pharaoh’s Rod (copper) is held only in the right arm, the Moon one (zinc)—only in the left arm, and not vice versa.
b) It is desirable to face the sun.
c) You mustn’t let any metal (jewelry, zippers, buckles) except the Rods touch you body during application


à) While facing the sun and tightly holding Pharaoh’s Rods in your hands, stretched along the body, put your left leg half-step forward.
b) Retain this posture for 5-10 minutes at least

c) Pharaoh’s Rods can be applied while you are sitting, laying or staying,
but you mustn’t join or cross your limbs.

There are other methods of PR’s application. The most effective system is developed by physician for bioenergetics T.A. Meshkova. She summed up an experience of our body-generated electrostatic charges on surface distribution research, rajah-yoga experience, reflexotherapy and Kouznetsov ipplicator’s application experience. Desease-related body functions’ deviations immediately influence these charges distribution. Using electrodynamic behavior of the IHOR T.A. Meshkova recommends to follow a certain sequence of their contact with various body parts, it permits to correct inner organs functioning.
It is necessary to remember that effective organism functions normalization area is a cylinder of 25-30 cm in diameter and the shortest route of current flow between the Rods as an axis, the diameter of this cylinder diminishes when farther from Rods. For example, while putting the Rods under feet, area of the most effective influence includes legs and small part of pelvis minor; while putting them under knees—thighs and lower abdomen; under buttocks—intestines, genitals, urinary- and gall-bladder and their ducts, kidneys, liver, spleen. Remember, the IHOR is highly powerful mean of influence, therefore you should progress gradually.
Contact between the IHOR and feet is one of the most effective way of treatment for people who have problems with vessels, joints, leg muscles, libido, ducts systems, urinary bladder, large intestine; contra-indications in that case are prostatic adenome, hysteromyoma. Plug in the IHOR, sit down and relax, put bare soles on them for no less than 20 minutes. For serious and neglected cases of decease—no more than 100 minutes a day, interruptions permitted. You can do it for 3-4 days running in sitting, laying or standing position. You will notice changes happening with you quite soon.

We can’t foresee all the possibilities of the IHOR’s applications, as well as traditional medicine methods alternations, but using the IHOR you can treat a patient. Take his hand, and in the vacant hands each of you take the Rods . . . It has been seen, that method works very well for common understanding restoration, mutual relations harmonization, and family, friend, love relations strengthening.
This method’s research showed the presence of oncoming modulated energy flow. We can’t find an explanation for that, yet, but gathering of statistics about continued application of this very method is OBLIGATORY for our distributors.


The handles’ surface doesn’t contain electroplating, so it becomes stained easily with sweat and toxins permeated through skin. Wipe it with any detersives frequently, but do not immerse into water.
Indicator on the solid Rod (don’t try to disassemble it, lest it can be damaged) shows batteries charge level and readiness of the Rods for application. Green light means the Rods are functioning properly and ready for work, yellow light means that batteries expire in two hours, red light—batteries are about to expire, and their charge can’t provide proper functioning of microprocessor. Only two 1.5V batteries of A, C, or R14 type must be used; batteries of more voltage mustn’t be used, lest the processor will be damaged.
Metal IHOR’s handles do not lead to short circuit or instrument damage when touched with each other, because processor has inner load and can save itself. Doing it on purpose discharges batteries very quickly.