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(Electronic Normalizer, type 06)

Recommendations and explanations

Turns on automatically when put in body’s humid environment.

Stimulates and restores efficiency of muscles of vagina and uterus, of muscles of urinary and gall-bladder, of peristalsis, of smooth muscles of large intestine and of rectum. Normalizes lipide metabolism (general cholesterol, cholesterol of lipoproteins of low and high density, triglycerides), improves immunity (IgA, IgE).
      The procedure duration is no more than 20 minutes, up to 100 minutes a day.

Side effects:
  • with beginnings of unpleasant and painful sensations it is necessary to cancel the procedure and to extract capsule by string;
  • wash the capsule in hot water after conclusion of the procedure, wash it in hot water and rub with spirit-based liquid after conclusion of a cycle. Let the capsule dry. It will shift itself to stand-by mode with small power consumption. If you leave the capsule alone for a long time (more than 2-3 days), it is better to extract the battery section and hold it separately;
  • when the battery section is being replaced it must be firstly inserted in capsule head by dark-blue end, than screwed to the capsule’s body;
  • when changing the battery block see the picture to the right;
  • when the capsule is applied after a long period of time, check the power supply unit, please. For that purpose, insert the battery section and screw up the body. Touch the two white rings of the body with two contacts of the probe simultaneously. If the probe’s indicator flashes (shines falteringly), then the power supply unit is ok. If the indicator does not shine it is necessary to change the polarity of the probe’s contacts.
  • if silicone ring is broken use the spare one;
  • capsule’s body is manufactured from high quality aluminium alloy and pure polystyrene, string is made from natural silk used in surgery. Their toxic and biochemical safety is proven;

One must bear in mind that during repeated application the electrodes’ surface lose its smoothness and glint. This is not a construction defect – such exterior changes manifest correct work of the capsule. Do not throw it away.
      According to statistic data, 5 procedures (20 minutes long each) every day during a week with repetition in a month till the functions are restored is the optimal mode of application for small pelvis and urinary bladder muscles stimulation.
      About power supply unit delivery or capsules’ sale one must address to:

#3F, Sangyung Bidg, 943-10, Daechl-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.
Tel: 82-2-558-2300 (REP) / Fax: 82-2-553-1049 (Seoul)

How to distinguish original products from the fake ones

Original products have laser marking on the box with written title "Electronic normalizer", factory number, little star and the RPA "Ecomed" trade mark.